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Our expert team at LB Litigation Resolution are proud to offer clients the following services.

If you would like to find out more about any of our services we offer then please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01245 254780 / info@lblitigationresolution.com.

LB Litigation Resolution will give you access to our specialist team of experts and to third party litigation funding enabling you to resolve or pursue your case.

Asset Tracing

LB Litigation Resolution provides assistance in the tracing of assets that someone has hidden and you believe you are entitled to. Do you need to find someone who owes you money or who you are considering litigating against, and are they worth pursuing?
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Due Diligence

LB Litigation Resolution conducts domestic and international due diligence investigations. Our experience and expertise in due diligence enquiries, both in the UK and internationally, provides us with the knowledge, contacts and capability to serve client’s needs.
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Locate Trace

LB Litigation Resolution are tracing specialists in the UK. Our professional tracing services are provided to a wide audience of professionals. We provide a prompt, affordable, detailed, discreet and ethical service, all tailored to your particular requirements.
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Criminal Defence

LB Litigation Resolution provides access to high quality criminal defence services to assist Clients when they have been arrested and charged with criminal offences. We source the most suitable Solicitors and Counsel to represent you in your case. Our Team have excellent relationships with leading Solicitors and Chambers who are very experienced in the criminal arena.
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Tax Investigations into Serious Tax Fraud

If HMRC suspects that there has been a ‘serious’ loss of tax as a result of tax fraud or tax evasion, then they will open the tax investigation under Code of Practice 9 – unless it is one of the rare cases where they decide that the case is so serious that the taxpayer should be prosecuted.
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