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Welcome to LB Litigation Resolution

Solving Problems – Delivering Solutions LB Litigation Resolution offers access to our specialist team of experts and to third party litigation funding enabling our clients to resolve or pursue their individual cases. Our in-house team at LB Litigation Resolution is headed by Paul Mustoe Tax Director and Darren Jones a former Senior Detective who served within the Metropolitan and Kent Police services. Our team are committed to offering an individual, professional and discreet service to our clients.

Offering Support, Every Step of the Way!

LB Litigation Resolution assist firms who have been targets of corporate fraud.

Our investigation package includes recovery of funds, property or goods and to assist in the prosecution of fraudsters to deter further instances of fraudulent crime.

If you would like to find out more about any of our services then please do not hesitate to contact us today on 056-03473282 / info@lblitigationresolution.com.

LB Litigation Resolution will give you access to our specialist team of experts and to third party litigation funding enabling you to resolve or pursue your case.

Litigation Funding

At LB Litigation Resolution we recognise that litigation can be an expensive, uncertain and worrying undertaking.
Understandably clients are concerned about expending significant sums to pursue their claims and are wary of being liable to pay the other party’s costs.
Litigation funding enables corporate or individual clients to have the costs of the litigation funded by a third party. In the event of the claim being successful, the client agrees to pay us, and the Funder an agreed proportion of any award.
The types of cases suitable for funding are as follows:

  • Professional Negligence Claims
  • Insolvency Act Claims
  • Breach of Contract
  • Code 9 Tax Investigations by HMRC
  • Class Actions Banking Litigation
  • Intellectual Property including trademark and copyright disputes

FREE Consultation

LB Litigation Resolution offers a free one-on-one consultation which has proven invaluable in assisting business owners and individuals on how to deal with their case. It will give clients access for up to one hour with key case specialists including Paul Mustoe, Darren Jones, and our Civil Litigation Team. Please contact us in order to arrange your discreet free consultation.